Exhibition Bauhaus 9090

The Bauhaus celebrates its 90th anniversary this year, and “The Bauhaus: 90 Years / 90 Days” is a new project which commemorates the Bauhaus. Every day during this 90-day project (from July 6 till October 3), a project happens which creatively plays around with and pays homage to an aspect of the Bauhaus.Part of "The Bauhaus: 90 Years / 90 Days" will be part of The Fourth Annual Chicago Calling Arts Festival (Oct. 1-11, 2009).
“The Bauhaus: 90 Years / 90 Days” is being organized by the Borderbend Arts Collective and the Gropius in Chicago Coalition.
The work presented by Mehdi Chourou for this exhibition, develops a construction that relies on mathematical , geometrical and topological articulations (addition, substraction, multiplication, rotation, removal...) in order to form asymptotic figures and ever-changing perceptions.

"Adding together, projecting one (painting) on to another or beside another to create an organisational supra-reality, a Utopia or a joke"
Moholy Nagy