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- "BAUHAUS 90.90 EXHIBITION": "Intuitive Construction, Asymptotic Perceptions, Tribute to the Bauhaus Spirit" Organized by the Borderbend Arts Collective
and the Gropius in Chicago Coalition
(July 6/09 - October 3/09)
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- Imatra, Finland (since June 2007)

Exhibition Bauhaus 9090

The Bauhaus celebrates its 90th anniversary this year, and “The Bauhaus: 90 Years / 90 Days” is a new project which commemorates the Bauhaus. Every day during this 90-day project (from July 6 till October 3), a project happens which creatively plays around with and pays homage to an aspect of the Bauhaus.Part of "The Bauhaus: 90 Years / 90 Days" will be part of The Fourth Annual Chicago Calling Arts Festival (Oct. 1-11, 2009).
“The Bauhaus: 90 Years / 90 Days” is being organized by the Borderbend Arts Collective and the Gropius in Chicago Coalition.
The work presented by Mehdi Chourou for this exhibition, develops a construction that relies on mathematical , geometrical and topological articulations (addition, substraction, multiplication, rotation, removal...) in order to form asymptotic figures and ever-changing perceptions.

"Adding together, projecting one (painting) on to another or beside another to create an organisational supra-reality, a Utopia or a joke"
Moholy Nagy


Tribute to the bauhaus spirit

"Intuitive Construction Asymptotic Perceptions"
Bauhaus 9090 exhibition
90 years - 90days
1919 - 2009

One / Four

In this show we played with the numbers "one" and "four".

The opening of the exhibition was the first of April (04/01/09), the artist’s birthday.
The poster concept of this exhibition was presented in the International Congress of the German Semiotic Society (Stuttgart, 2008). Published in a global research focusing on numbers in contemporary use “Numbers as signs of economy and enterprises” By SVH, South West German Publishing House (Saarbrücken, 2009) in “Products, Pennies and Promotions” (ISBN No. 978-3-8381-0721-9).

We placed the painting “Silence on tourne!” in four positions (rotation 90°, 180°, 270°) the 4th, 14th and 24th of April 2009 at 4 PM. Location of the show: Lyon first district (69001).

“Silence on tourne!”
(Acrylic, ink, 1.60 x 1.30 cm, 2008)

A selection of “Intuitive Abstraction”, unique marks developing different perceptions of the same object, called in French “Abstractions Spontanées” was also exhibited in different locations. (AS = 1). We used for each exhibition the paper size A4. (A = 1).
For this show, the price of the "AS" was 41 euros

Intuitive Abstractions

« Approchez vous, tout se brouille, s’aplatit et disparaît ; éloignez vous, tout se recrée et se reproduit ».

« Une bonne grosse tache de couleur prend toute sa valeur. Elle est comme un cri de la main du peintre, que le formalisme muselait. Elle est comme un cri de la matière que le formalisme veut mettre à l’esclavage de l’esprit ».

« L’homme est une créature inventive de formes et de rythmes ; c’est à cela qu’il est le mieux exercé et il semble que rien ne lui plaise autant que d’inventer des formes ; observons seulement de quoi notre œil s’occupe dès qu’il n’a plus rien à voir ; il se crée quelque chose à voir ».