Mehdi Chourou

Mehdi Chourou
Semiotician, Visual Artist, Strategic Designer

Born in Tunis, in 1978, Mehdi studied Musicology in 1983 at the "Concervatoire de Musique" of Tunis. He Started his work experience in 2000 as a Translator and Teacher of Adult Literacy. Fond of languages, he speaks French, English, Arabic, Italian and Spanish. He received the Dante Alighieri Award in 1997 for his interest in the italian Civilization.

He is currently preparing a PhD of Semiotics, the study of Sign processing, the construction and reception of meaning. He presented lectures in Art, Design, Branding, Advertising, Communication, Management, Semiotics and Strategies of Campaigns for Prevention at the University of Helsinki, Stuttgart, Lyon and Brest.

Member of Icar-CNRS (National Center of Scientific Research, Lyon) Mehdi works with Numbers, Health Care Communication and Strategic Design.
He co-organised two international congress "Sign of the world , interculturality and globalization"(Lyon, 2004), "Africa in discourse, stereotypes of the crisis" (Brest, 2010).

As an artist, he works in Painting, Photography, Design, Street art, Land Art and Vijing. He presented several exhibitions in Tunisia, Finland and France. He took part to the Bauhaus 9090 Exhibition (1919 - 2009) with "Intuitive Construction, Asymptotic Perceptions".

Back to Tunis in January 2011 to feel the Revolution...